Tax Planning & Reporting (Direct & Indirect)

Careful tax planning is a pre requisite for minimizing your tax liabilities as well as ensuring that you exploit all available tax relief and claims. We help you to improvise your tax liabilities by providing you with the proper guidance and to oblige to all your statutory requirements to avoid being penalized. We concentrate not only traditional compliance work but also we maintain records for your convenience. Scope of services that would be mainly covered by us in relation to tax matters are,

  • Advising any changes to the statute in relation to the Company’s direct & indirect taxes.
  • Preliminary review of the accounts for the year of assessment prepared by the Management to determine the provisional tax liability and identify legitimate avenues to minimize the final tax liability.
  • Gather and analyze information in order to prepare the Statement of Income.
  • Preparation and filing of the following reports to the tax authorities:
    • Return of Income;
    • Tax Computation;
    • Certificate required by the Inland Revenue under Section 92A of the Act; and
    • Other relevant information.
  • Advising on quarterly self-assessment payments.